Dublins Hand Drying Installation Experts
Dublins Hand Drying Installation Experts
Dublins Hand Drying Installation Experts
Dublins Hand Drying Installation Experts

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The three main types of hand dryers which you can avail from Electrician Dublin are:

Push-button Hand Dryers

This one is the traditional type which is commonly used. It comes with a push button to start the dryer. They are cost effective but their air speed and drying time is very high which consumes more energy and is not feasible.

High-speed Hand Dryers

These hand dryers come with a low drying time, which saves time as well as energy consumption. They take as much as 30 seconds to dry your hands and often come with sensors which do not need buttons to start the dryer. These higher-speed dryers costly as well and produce noise while operation despite their efficacy in drying hands.

Automatic Hand Dryers

Putting dirty fingers on the push buttons of the hand dryers leads to unhygienic drying. This problem is solved by the automatic and dryers. The Automatic hand dryers have sensors which detect the hands and start automatically. They are extremely fast in drying time with as low as 15 seconds drying time. They are energy efficient as well.

Price Levels (Standard, premium)

The price of the hand dryers vary based upon their type as per their drying time, power consumption, motor life and speed and other technical features. You can find a hand dryer as low as €220 to €1500. The standard price has been ranging in the price range of €200-700. You can avail the high performance and high speed hand dryers in the price range of €200-700. While the price may vary from company to company, the features will be standard.

Electrician Dublin has partnered up with companies like Dyson, ATC, and Mediclinics to provide its customers hand dryers of all categories in the standard and premium price range. The standard price range has been €200-700.

While the companies like Dyson and ATC has been offering the high end and premium hand dryers at the price range of PRICE €800- 1350. These hand dryers are automatic and are very energy effective as well.

Installation Service

Installation of hand dryers becomes tricky for a layman to do on his own. Here Electrician Dublin will come to your rescue. Although installation is easy and a guide is provided by most companies, it is recommended to get the professional help.

We at Electrician Dublin have been offering the introduction of plug-in system installation back plates for the perfect and seamless installation of the hand dryers. The plug-in system makes sure that you don’t face the hassle of putting the electrical wires in the back of the hand dryer from the fuse spur. This system allows to put the wires in a separate back plate whcoh is then secured with screws to prevent any harm.

This service form Electrician Dublin allows you to save your money and time. This type of installation in handy in ensuring that you can easily renovate the bathroom wall or put tiles on it without displacing the hand dryer.

Price Levels (Standard, premium)

Hand dryers and paper towel have been at odd against each other since they serve the same purpose of drying hands, there has been a rivalry whcoh spreads across the dimension of faster drying time, more hygienic drying and energy efficiency.

The paper towels are considered more effective since they dry the hands completely in less than 15 seconds. There is no energy consumption and they are more hygienic as well.

The electrical hand dryers on the other hand are contaminated with germs due to the push button being touched by hundreds of people on a daily basis. Besides that, they get contaminated with the microbe easily as well.

Since eco-friendliness feature of the paper towels is much less as compared to the hand dryers, so the hand dryers are given preference in recent times. They are more cost effective as well since they don’t need replacement on a regular basis.

Installation Service


Brands we use ATC, Dyson, Mediclinics, we also supply an install all other types of other types hand dryers in Dublin

Quality Hand Dryers

Types of fans there is High Speed, low Energy, Quiet, Blade, Automatic Start, Button Start, Electric Hand Dryers


Price Levels budget, Standard, Premium, Blade.


Comparison of Paper Towels and Hand Dryer Cost

Anti bacterial benefits

Anti bacterial hand dryer and benefits of hand dryers

Our Offer

We offer and full installation and replacement of all hand dryer types in Dublin

Hand Dryer Types

Types of Hand Dryers for low, medium and high traffic areas


We are RECI Certified Electricians

Energy consumption

Energy consumption


Most frequent questions and answers

Quietness is determined by the dryer’s decibels. The decibel is widely known as a measure of sound pressure level. average decibel for a hand dryer is around 80

The installation process needs an electrician to wire your hand dryers correctly. They can be surface mounted or recessed. All models have spec sheets for the installation regarding power consumption

Hand dryers are more cost effect and with Today’s technology in hand dryers they have energy savings so low, that it may cost as little as 30 cents per 1,000 uses to dry hands. The savings of 95% vs. paper towel and less labour costs when having to refill paper towels

With Dyson technology the Dyson Air blade offers the highest air speed of up to 420 MPH, and it dries both sides of the hands simultaneously

Most hand dryers are maintenance-free. However, some hand dryers collect water, which needs to be regularly emptied and require filter changes, which is a service we can offer our Dublin customers

You can install them to dry wall, tiled walls, or even concrete, cement and brick walls

There are plenty of warm air hand dryers with the heating element that dry hands far slower the a non-heated hand dryer 

In the past it has been known that paper towel is more hygienic than traditional hand dryers. However, now that new and improved hand dryers have hit the market

Hand dryers are indeed vandal resistant. They are designed to withstand rigorous use as well as vandalism. Their tamper-proof bolts and covers are there to ensure durability. Most of our hand dryer’s covers are manufactured from 1.5mm thick steel.

Commercial and public buildings need to meet certain health, safety and building regulations to ensure the safety of those using the facilities. Our ranges of hand dryers are made to the highest European quality and standards.